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Empower Your Application With CryoViz Imaging Service

CryoViz imaging now can provide you high-detail answers over mouse-sized volumes! In 3D. In real color. With microscopic resolution.You can avail this novel 3D technology through a unique fee-for-service model. In summary, CryoViz imaging provides you the following benefits:

No more low resolution gray-scale images with limited contrast

Identify even single stem and cancer cells anywhere in a mouse

Label target cells in one color and imaging agent with another color to study targeting

From whole mouse to organs to tissues to cells—query your specimen in the digital domain at any resolution

You Ship Us Samples. We Deliver Results. Simple

Step 1

Design Your Experiment

We recommend you first contact our application engineer so we understand what your needs are. Your choice of fluorophore and region-of-interest will determine what our imaging parameters will be. In some cases we may be able to help you with the labeling protocol depending our previous experience in your area of research.
Design Experiment
Step 2

Prepare Sample

We will send you a protocol kit which contains the embedding medium, mold and instrcutions. You will need to arrange for liquid nitrogen, shipping boxes etc.
Prepare Sample
Step 3

Ship To Us

After you prepare the sample, ship it to us by packaging in dry-ice and using an overnight service. Notify us on shipment so that we are ready to receive it.
Ship To Us
Step 4

We Image & Analyze

Depending upon the experiment design in Step 1, we setup the imaging protocol (choosing volume of imaging, pixel-size, filter sets etc.). Once the scan is complete, our automated software prepares standard deliverables like 2D images, orthogonal views and standard movies. Depending on the order, quantification is performed for fluorescence data.
Image Analyze
Step 5

Deliver Results

You will receive an email link following which you will be able to download results. Usually these are compressed data. On request, we can send you data on a portable physical media as well. Charges may apply.
Deliver Results
Step 6

You Infer and Conclude

Once you receive the data you now have the sample back in the digital domain. Use the bright-field microscopic 3D volume to investigate your tissue/organ of interest. If it involved fluoresence data, you can compare molecular fluorescence with bright-field anatomy.
Infer Conclude


Pricing depends on the sample size, region-of-interest, resolution and fluorescence imaging. Please contact us to get started.